Saturday, 26 September 2009

Jamaica Part Three

Perhaps the greatest challenge of all was cooking a traditional Jamaican dish. And what could be more taditional than Jerk Chicken?

There are lots of great Jerk Chicken caffs in London, but I still haven't managed to get to one. So, with no idea of what it should look like or taste like, I gave it my best shot!

A site I've used a lot for recipes is so I found a recipe there that seemed doable, two recipes in fact - one for Jerk Chicken and one for Peas Rice. I dutifully blitzed my marinade in the food processor and marinated my chicken in the fridge for no less than a day and a half. I get the feeling Jerk is something that is best made on a smoky street grill, rather than the relative sterility of my kitchen, but it turned out okay. The Scotch Bonnets gave it a kick and the Peas Rice was gorgeous and so easy to make.

You can see the results below.

Still want to try the real thing though!
Image credits The photo of the Red Stripe advertisement is by flickruser and amateur photographer born in Trinidad nicholaslaughlin
You can also check out his blog
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